Saturday, March 12, 2011


Today marks the beginning of my spring break.  I LOVE my job, but always look forward to this much needed break.  It gives all of us teachers to rest, get reorganized, and ready to finish the year strong.  

Yesterday was a great day! Here's a summary: Before-school rehearsal with my honor choir; taught 4th and 5th grade with quite a few students missing (started vacation early); 3rd grade was on a field trip so I had that time to work on stuff and was quite productive; taught kindergarden and 1st grade; and my last class of the day didn't come so I could prepare for our extra crazy and fun school assembly.  

Our school does a jog-a-thon every year to raise money for cancer research.  We are a small school and hit our $100,000. mark this year.  Isn't that exciting!?!?!  Well, the incentive for reaching goal was for a bunch of teachers/staff to get slimed.  Yours truly is full of school spirit, so I gladly volunteered.  Here's a photo of me being SLIMED....  

My awesome friend, Lisa, was also slimed.  LOVE her pose!

We LOVE our school!!!

After being slimed, I rushed home to de-slime my clothes (aka laundry) and shower.  I had to be back to school soon to meet my honor choir for their performance in the school talent show.  We were the opening act and I couldn't be more proud.  All of the other student performers were also amazing.  Many students have been holding back, but now their secret is out.  They are full of talent and skills!  I'm so blessed to work with such great students and teachers.  

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