Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lake Hefner Run

My day started out by sleeping in 
and sipping a nice cup of coffee on my patio.

 Ethan wanted to soak up some sun with me.

 Then he went in and brought out his 
stuffed turtle to chew on while in my lap.

After coffee, I got dressed and 
drove to Lake Hefner for a run.
 You can see the lighthouse in the distance.

 I was several miles into my run.

 At the end of my run around the lake.

 Sailboats and restaurants by the lake.

A final view.

Stretching and still smiling!

This was my first time to run the ENTIRE lake. I've biked it plenty (years ago), but running was a different story.  It took forever with winds of 25-35mph and a temperature above 80 degrees. My pace was horrible, but that wasn't the focus of today's run. Today's goal was to run the entire lake and I did it.  
Yesterday, I ran 5 miles at the lake for the St. Paddy's 8k.  That makes a total of 15 miles this weekend.  Not bad!  I hadn't planned on running that much... it just happened.  The weather was too good to not want to run.  

The St. Paddy's race left me with a blister under the arch of my right foot.  It's extremely painful and I could feel it every step of the way.  My right sock was a bloody mess when I finally removed my shoes when I arrived at home.  Apparently I need a little TLC this week.  : )  My run also left me with what you see in the photo below.  I'm hoping it's just a sunburn even though I DID wear SPF 70 all over my body and SPF 50 on my face (Cetaphil facial moisturizer with sunblock). 
Only 42 days until the OKC Memorial Marathon!  

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