Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sooner Spirit from the Kitchen

These are a few of the cake balls 
I made for the OU/OSU Bedlam Game.  
This game is serious business!

I put edible glitter on some of the cake balls.  
They turned out to be pretty cute.  Next year I might make some for OSU also.  I'm thinking I'll stick with red velvet and cream cheese 
for OU and make orange dreamsicle 
cake balls for OSU.  
Doesn't that sound fun?

Hopefully these OU cake balls will make an appearance before Bedlam next year.  
That would be the best!!!


The Gray Roach said...

I'm going to try my hand at cake balls for the kids' birthday party coming up in two weeks. I'm going to get my sweet Mom to help me out so it goes faster.

Jenn said...

Cake balls are a lot of fun to make. I just wish I had more patience and time to make them even cuter.
Also, I've found that it's best to NOT use a whole container of frosting. I think the whole container makes them entirely too sweet. Oh, and I think freezing the cake balls before dipping works better than them just being refrigerated.
I can't wait to see some photos. = )

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