Saturday, November 20, 2010


I couldn't wait for Thanksgiving.  

I baked my first Pumpkin Pie tonight.  David loved it!

David and I went to the grocery store today.  They had all their shelves stocked with seasonal goodies.  Let's just say that we came home with more than what was on my list.  Oops!  

Since David loves desserts, it does work out in his favor.  

I obviously purchased pumpkin.  And yes, I tasted the pie I baked and it was good.  Now I have to figure out what I'm going to do with the rest.  

We also purchased cranberries.  I think I'll be baking a cranberry pie in the near future.  

One.Big.Bad. = Candy Cane Tootsie Pops.......  This is THE ONE candy I can't seem to resist.  I bought a bag and am actually enjoying one right now.  I'll have to put some limits on those tasty treats and only have them on the weekends until Christmas.  I can't let bad habits start creeping back in my life.

On a positive note, I'm now back to the weight I was before the school year started.  I had gained about 4 pounds.  I'd like to lose another 5 before Christmas, so I can splurge a bit on Christmas Eve and Day, but we'll see if that'll happen.  Maybe I should stay out of the kitchen and just live on protein bars until then.

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The Gray Roach said...

I'm up listening to a fussy baby. Rocking him didn't work. So I decided to read blogs. Don't worry too much. 4 pounds is nothing as far as fluctuation is concerned. I fluctuate with 5 pounds all the time! Lose it, gain it, so I stopped worrying. :)

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