Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Residency Interview #1

David had his first residency interview on Friday, Nov. 19.  The process started with a residency dinner at a nice Mexican restaurant the evening before his interviews.  He had to report for interviews early on Friday morning.  The traffic on the highway was really bad and it took him over an hour to get there.  
David interviewed with 5 people that day and didn't finish until 4pm.  While he was being interviewed, I was sitting on pins and needles all day.  It was a long, but exciting day for both of us.  We celebrated the first interview being over by having a nice meal at Red Rock.  It was so wonderful to have a date night.   Hopefully it will be a celebration dinner date that we'll never forget.
Interview place #1 is where David has been working for the past 4 weeks for his away rotation.  The rotation was like a month long interview for both parties.  It is definitely where we want to officially end up.  We're ranking this program #1 and are praying they'll do the same.  They have such a fantastic program and it would be great for David to be a part of that.  March 17 cannot come soon enough!

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