Saturday, November 27, 2010

Approved by Noah

As you all read in a previous post, I made three batches of homemade rolls for Thanksgiving.  They are the one food item that my in-laws really look forward to.  Seriously, as soon as I walk in the door they ask me if I remembered the rolls.  I don't get a "hello" or anything.  It's really quite cute and makes me feel like I can contribute something special. I hold the key to a Happy Holiday!  = )

My nephew, Noah, is three years old AND a real McCoy.  He took a bite of a roll and said, "This is soooo good!"  And then he chomped into the roll again and again.  He had this amazing look of satisfaction on his face as if that moment was what life was all about.  The kid knows what's good at age 3.  So, there ya have it, my rolls are officially approved by Noah.  I see many more rolls in his future.

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