Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fall Training - Week 1

The OKC Landrunners officially started the fall training group runs on July 30.  Full marathoners ran a scheduled 6 mile run that day.  The half marathoners ran 3.  I'm working on the half marathon training schedule again so I only ran 3 miles for our first training run.  Well, I say "ran" very loosely.  I ran 2 and walked 1.  The heat is too much for me.  It makes me miserable!  I need some cooler temps.
There are a couple of half marathons I'd like to do this fall, but it all depends on our crazy schedules and finances with the new house and all.  My plan is to train for the half (13.1 miles) this fall and then bump it up for the full (26.2 miles) this spring.  I sure hope my body and mind can handle it.

Me with my running buddies:
(L to R) Terra, Jenny's Mother, Jenny, Jenny's Sister, Me

Me with some of my Landrunner friends
 at the Nichols Hills Starbucks 
for a post-run treat.

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