Saturday, August 27, 2011

Apartment Living

"Luxury" Apartments are overrated.  

10:30 am:
GOOD: A vocal major that practices. BAD: The vocalist is your upstairs neighbor who practices while you're trying to sleep. 
If David weren't sleeping after working a 24+ hour shift, I'll pull out all my instruments and declare an obnoxious musical war. There's a reason I DO NOT practice while living in an apartment. Praying we close on our house on Wednesday at 4 and can get out of this awful place! (more firetrucks here this morning)

8:45 pm:  
Our neighbor just came to our door to inform us that she's a vocalist and will be practicing late tonight because she has auditions tomorrow.  My reply:  Aren't there practice rooms at OCU?  She replies, "It's OKCU and the practice rooms are really dead."  seriously.....  I feel like I'm living in a college dormitory.  

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