Friday, December 24, 2010

'Tis the Season for Giving!

I LOVE to give year round and help others as much as possible.  I've always been that way.  ; )

I surprised my sweet neighbors with a homemade calzone on Wednesday night and a crustless spinach bacon and cheddar quiche this morning.  Mmm....  

Here's what their daughter (she's only a year younger than I am and as sweet and as fun as can be!) posted as her facebook status:
"My parent's neighbor and our good friend Jennifer brought over a homeade quiche this morning-looks amazing!! And this is after she brought the most delicious homeade calzone the other night-if I could ever hire a personal chef!!! :) I am enjoying getting a bit pampered!"

I like that other enjoy my culinary creations.  It really brings me joy! 

My neighbors are so kind and take good care of me while David is out of town.  I am so grateful for them!

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