Tuesday, December 28, 2010

On The Run With My SIL

The weather was really nice here today in OKC.  So, as I was sitting in my oversized chair reading an owners manual to a new Christmas gift, I was bit by the running bug.  I immediately made a post on my SIL's FB asking if she'd like to meet me at the Lake and then sent her a text.  She was actually about to head out the door to Eldon Lyon Park for a run, so we met there.  It was so great to get out there and run again.  Running has been difficult to squeeze in my hectic schedule lately and I've missed it so much.
It was really wonderful for us to catch up and chit-chat while running.  She signed up to run her first half-marathon this spring while I run the same event for my second time.  I'm so pumped!  It's neat to watch her on the journey that I was on a year ago.  Plus, it's nice to have a local training buddy this time around.  The last time I trained for a half-marathon, I trained in St. Louis all by myself.  That made for some really long runs.  
I think my SIL, April, and I will have to get some matching hats, hair accessories, or something for the event.  I can't wait!  We McCoy ladies are proudly representing our male-dominated not-so-athletic family and loving every minute of it.

I hope we can meet up for another run on Thursday!  

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