Thursday, October 2, 2008

Putting Smiles On Faces Half Way Around The World

We received an email from David's brother, Chris, yesterday.  He wanted to let us know he received the box of goodies that we shipped to him.  He's in the Air Force National Guard and is currently stationed in Afghanistan.  Chris has been over there for several months and misses the US and all its goodies.
David and I shipped him a pretty good sized box of candy, gum, snacks, playing cards, word finds, magazines, and cigars.  We figured he could keep it all to himself, trade with others, or share.  He was SO HAPPY to receive something from the US.  

We are SO PROUD of him and SUPER THANKFUL to him for serving our great country.  
We hope he can return home safely very soon!

These are a couple of pics we received from him.  
The email and pics really made my day.  

Chris made his team very happy by sharing his cigars

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