Friday, October 24, 2008

Family Fun!

Davids parents came to Missouri for a vacation and were able to stop by and see us for a bit.  They traveled to Missouri to ride their bikes along the well-known Katy Trail.  I think they biked about 30 miles a day for 2 days.

They met us at our place after I picked David up from the train on Wednesday late afternoon.  David and his parents went to Barnes and Noble while I took my Biology exam.  After I got home we went to Zia's, which is an Italian Restaurant in "The Hill."  I think they have THE BEST toasted ravioli ever!  My meal was phenomenal.  It was our servers favorite dish there.  Let me tell ya... That boy knows how to eat!

Even though we were all painfully full, we remembered that there's always room for ice cream.  Donna has taught us that ice cream melts on the way down and just fills in the cracks.  So, we took them to get ice cream at Serendipity in Webster Groves.

We all planned on taking David to school on Thursday morning and then going to the Botanical Gardens.  It ended up being rainy and gross out, so we just slept in a bit instead.  We all needed that extra sleep.  The weather was such a downer that David even skipped class that day.  

Donna, my mother-in-law, got me started on Penzey's Spices a few years ago.  We have one just up the road and I go there often.  I thought she'd like to go, so we went there and loaded up on the best spices around.  

After Penzey's we went to Schlafly's.  It's a local brewing company that also has a restaurant attached.  They have some of the best food ever.   David and I don't get to go there often, so we really appreciated going there with his folks.  We enjoyed their Farmers Platter, Hummus, and their Beer Bread.  It was incredible!  I can't wait to go back.  

Donna really wanted to see the St. Louis Art Museum and boy was I glad.  It's free to all, but I didn't think it would be all that great.  I was wrong!  It was wonderful.  They had original works of Monet, Van Gogh, Picasso, Cezanne, and many more.  It was a real treat...... and it was FREE!  

David really wanted to show his parents the fabulous penguin exhibit at the STL ZOO.  We took them there, which was also FREE!  Those penguins sure know how to put on a show.   They are pretty cute!

We came back to our place after the zoo because Davids dad had to get on the road back to OKC.  Donna and I had to do what us girls do best- SHOP!  I took her to the Galleria because she wanted to get tea to take home.  I know that sounds silly because you can buy tea anywhere.  Well, I gave Donna some tea from Teavana when we went to visit her this last summer.  It was LOVE at first sip.  So, it was time to refill her tea canister and try more flavors.  We also went to Crab Tree & Evelyn and spent too much money.  I absolutely LOVE their hand therapy and also got Donna started on it.  My likings sure are contagious!  

After the mall we came back to pick up David and went to Maggiano's for dinner.  All I can say is YUM!  It's one of our favorite places to eat.  I ordered the Chicken Pesto Pasta and will probably be eating it for the next 3 days.  Their portions are HUGE!  We were so full after dinner that we had to call it a night.

I think we all had a pretty good time.  We dropped off Donna at the airport this morning so she could fly back to Santa Fe.  Thanks for coming!  

TODAY I reactivated my application at UMSL.  I talked to an advisor and I'm pretty much good to go.  The advisor said that I'll be hearing from a nursing advisor soon so they can help me plan my schedule for the spring.  I should be able to enroll in November.

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Behrman said...

Wow, it sure sounds like you had fun! I can’t believe all the places you went out to eat. What a dream…. So glad you could enjoy your family!

Dave and Kathryn Dodds said...

That sounds like such a fun visit with David's parents! I must be hungry because all of that food sounds AMAZING! I've got to try some of those places and I've never been to that art museum. I've got to get there too! I bet your Mother-in-law just LOVES you, you are such a blast to hang out with!

Chris and Linzi said...

Yeah for nursing school, it is the hardest thing ever, but super fun.

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