Thursday, September 4, 2008

What's Your Emergency?

I have had almost an entire week off from school because of the Holiday weekend.  It was a wonderful break and I really enjoyed my time off.  However, this made it very hard to find the motivation to go to class tonight.  

On my way to class I had to make an emergency call to 911.  As I was entering the ramp to merge onto the highway, I heard a loud BOOM!.  I looked and saw a cloud of smoke.  I'm pretty sure I was 1 second away from witnessing an accident with a semi-truck and at least one car.  I really couldn't make out the mess.  I didn't see it actually happen and there was no place that I felt safe to pull over.  I kept driving, but immediately dialed 911.  I think I was the first to report  because they didn't seem to know anything about it yet.   Luckily I knew enough information so they could get the emergency crew out right away.  

If I had been in the same situation one year ago I don't think I would have been able to make that call to 911 with the proper information needed.  Being new to the area and not knowing where anything is can really complicate things.  I sometimes forget how important it is that we pay attention to our surroundings.  Even if I don't know where I am on a highway, I should at least be able to spot and pay attention to the mile markers.  I think I learned a lesson tonight and now realize how important it is to be aware of my exact location at all times.

I hope and pray that all the people involved in this accident were not injured and are safe at home with their families tonight.  

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