Thursday, September 11, 2008

All about CRAZY!

I'm sad to say that I missed class last night, but I did have a good reason. One of our neighbors had an unexpected emergency and I watched their little boy.  It was fun hanging out with a two year old.  He is a great kid! I'm just happy I could help them out in a time of need.

Ethan and I chose to vacate our apartment today.  The maintenance people finally came to work on our super noisy bedroom floor.  They showed up at 9am ready to work.  I quickly threw a bunch of our daily necessities in a bag and we headed to the car.  I called a friend, but she didn't answer.  I decided that we should go to McDonald's for breakfast.  I went through the drive-thru and purchased a chicken biscuit for us to share.  We ended up having breakfast in the car in a grocery store parking lot.  Fun!  
It's kind of messy to pick out the chicken from the middle of the patty. Have you ever tried it? Yes, I know, I know.... my dog is spoiled.  The poor guy was hungry and I was trying to keep him busy.  
I couldn't remember when Petsmart opened, but that was next on my list. When we got there we rested in the car for about 30 minutes.  I really think I only had about 3 hours of sleep the night before, so I was pretty tired.  We eventually went into Petsmart.  Ethan has some serious ADD problems in that place.  I ended up buying him another harness and some treats.  He always loves going there.  
After Petsmart I went to my friends house.  She just got back from picking up her oldest from pre-school.  Ethan has met the kids before, but that doesn't change the fact that he still freaks out around kids.  It's just how Yorkies are.  
We played outside almost the entire time.  They have an amazing backyard that's fenced. I'm so thankful they let us come over to play.  The kids ran and Ethan ran with them.  It was just about the cutest thing ever. They played so hard and Ethan was just exhausted.  He actually slept in the back seat the entire way home.  It was awesome!
It was an action packed day for me and Ethan.  We were gone for over 5 hours.  But even after all the fun we had, it was still nice to come home and take a nap together.  

Here are some pics of Ethan and the kids.  Aren't they all the cutest?! 


F R I E N D S !

H O T   D O G !!!

Me and David 6 years ago at the State Fair of Oklahoma.
This was pretty much our "first date" and the 
first time I gave him a gift (DVD-The Rookie).



1 comment:

Dave and Kathryn Dodds said...

That picture of you guys is so cute at the state fair! Is your hair curly? It looks way cute!
I bet your neighbor was so grateful that you could watch her little boy and I bet you were DEVASTATED to miss class (wink).
I love reading your blog and everything that you do! You're just so cool!

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