Saturday, April 7, 2012

Marathon #1: Little Rock

Here it is in pictures.....

 Lisa picked me up the morning of March 3.  Can you tell she was excited?  

 Me with my bib at the expo!

 Your first marathon only happens once.  We had to take LOTS of photos!

Me and Lisa at the starting line about 42 minutes before the race.

Me with Aunt Amy.  She ran the half marathon as part of her training for the OKC Memorial Marathon.  

 This is where the course split.  I remember always seeing the full marathoners split off from us half marathoners.  I thought they were crazy, yet I wondered what it would be like to be a full marathoner and experience running 26.2 miles.  I was one of those crazy people this time.

 Staying on course!  26.2 first timers!

My friend, Chuck, caught this pic of me on the course.   Running obviously makes me happy!

20 miles= CHECK!

The Wall was at about mile 22.  This is when a runner's glycogen level is pretty much depleted.  

I met Dave Mari on the course!  He added me as a Facebook friend because he's a Half Fanatic and Marathon Maniac.  The guy participates in a race every weekend.  He's quite the inspiration and I was so happy to spot him on the course and actually meet him in person.  

My HUBCAP!  This is the largest finisher medal I've ever seen.  It's HUGE!  
I think it brings out the color of my eyes.  = )
 We worked long and hard for those finisher medals!

Me and Amy with our finisher medals. 

Me and Lisa showing off our BLING!

This is a painting that an artist painted under the VIP tent at the marathon while we were running.  I LOVE it!

 Here's the outfit I made for the marathon after party.  I sewed the skirt and made a 26.2 scarf without using a pattern.  Sewing is so much fun!

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