Saturday, April 7, 2012

Catching up.... AGAIN!

Man, oh man!  Where does the time go?  Since my last post a LOT has happened.  Here's a few things....

1.  On Feb. 20 I received a Landrunner Series Award for having participated and completed a certain number of series races.  I was awarded a monogrammed jacket.

2.  I had many more races and training runs with my running buddy, Lisa, and all the other Landrunners.

3.  I caught the stomach bug on March 1 while at school for Literacy Night.  It is NOT fun vomiting in the faculty bathroom.  Ugh.....  This left me severely sore and dehydrated for my first marathon.  

4.  I FINISHED my first marathon (26.2 miles) in Little Rock, AR on March 4.  I seriously have the best running buddy ever!

5.  I sewed my own skirt and scarf for the Little Rock Marathon after party.  It was too fun!

 We were the life of the party!  LOVE these girls!!!

6.  I run... a LOT.  = )

7.  Our custom table was finally completed and we installed a new chandelier.   We LOVE it!!!

8.  David and I traveled to Dallas and Austin for Spring Break.  All we did was RELAX and eat.  Unfortunately, I came down with the FLU and was miserably sick the entire time.  I still had a good time relaxing and eating though.
While on vacation, we received a call from the pet resort where Ethan was staying.  He had bloody diarrhea so they asked to take him to the ER Vet.  Poor guy ended up on IV and spent the next 4 nights there.  He was on several meds and eventually got better, but then it started up again when I fed him his dog food.  So we put him back on his meds and he hasn't had his dog food since.  We've been feeding him baked chicken and veggies. I'm afraid to try to feed him his dog food again because I don't want him to get sick.  Poor guy is allergic to so many things that there aren't many options for dog food that he can actually eat.  This is not an easy fix.

 Swiss Oatmeal from Corner Bakery - OUR FAVORITE! 

 David at Chuy's.  Taking advantage of Happy Hour and the free nacho bar.

 We made several trips to Mozart's.  It's our favorite coffee shop.  After our first ever dinner date, we had dessert and coffee/chai here.  

  Our breakfast from the famous Magnolia Cafe.  This was ridiculously delicious!

9.  I completed another half marathon on April 1.  It was the A2A (Arbuckles to Ardmore) and was very hilly.  

10.  I have another bug of some sort complete with body aches, chills, and fever.  It started yesterday right after lunch.  My body started aching horribly and I was chilled.  I had some errands to run after work so I didn't get home until 6.  I took my temp and it was 101.3.  I had the chills all night and was miserable.  When I woke up to get ready for my morning run I felt absolutely awful.  I had a fever of 104.3.  I was NOT running with a temperature that high.  I woke up at 8, showered, and felt a lot better (I'd been popping a lot of pills.).  I went to the training run finish line to give some Easter gifts to a few of my running buddies and pick up a ticket for a free training shirt.  After that, I went to Red Coyote to pick up the shirt before they ran out and then went to Penders Music because I had a PO that absolutely had to be spent today.  Well, while at Penders I passed out cold!  The workers and a shopper (who I'd formerly taught with) came to see what the big thud was.  I was on the ground.  Their voices got me to come to.  Now I have a lovely bruise on my right hand and a bump on my head.  David came and picked me up and my car is spending the night there.  He has grounded me so I'm not allowed to do anything until my fever is completely gone. I hate being sick and just want my health back!  

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