Wednesday, October 6, 2010


So, a few months ago (on my birthday in June to be exact) I went to Tener's in OKC and purchased a cute shirt. It has the word ROCK on it along with an electric guitar and some bling. I thought it was the perfect shirt for an elementary music teach to have in her wardrobe.
Well, a few weeks ago, a student of mine wore a shirt that said "You Rock". After telling the student how cute her shirt was I also informed her that I had a shirt that was very similar.
The student came to my room after school yesterday just to ask me if I would wear my ROCK shirt today. Isn't that cute?!?! How could I resist? So yes, I wore my ROCK shirt today along with a cute black skirt from Anthropologie, black leggings, and my b/w plaid Converse. Yes, I was very 80s. ; )
My outfit was quite the conversation among all my students today. I received so many smiles and compliments. Some students even told me I looked like a teenager. Imagine that! HA!!!
One of the TAs that come to my classroom thought my outfit was really fun. She stated how neat it was and said that my students must really love me. It was interesting to hear things from her perspective.
I LOVE teaching elementary music! I feel that my position gives me an incredible opportunity to get these kids pumped up and excited about music. Not all musicians are crazy old men (sorry, Beethoven). Ha!

After school today, one of my students asked me a really cute question...
Student: "Mrs. M, do you ride the same bus as T (initials only for privacy)?"
Me: "Ummm, no. I drive a car."

The things elementary kids say really make me smile. = )

So... here I am sporting the ROCK shirt and my new hair cut.

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