Monday, September 20, 2010

2 Busy 2 Blog

That's the story of my life lately. Teaching has been fantastic and keeps me busy. Staying busy is a wonderful thing for me right now. I really love my school. I'm one super blessed gal. ; )

David flew to OKC on Sept. 10 for a short visit. We spent all day Saturday together and then he drove his new wheels back to STL on Sunday, Sept. 12. He really loves his new car. I have to say that it is really nice. It's the nicest car he's had since we've been married and it's the first time he's had a car newer than mine.

I ran another 5K on Saturday, Sept. 18. It was the Swazi 5K with Bethany First Church of the Nazarene. My school principal attends that church. He was kind enough to turn in my registration and even deliver my race packet to me. How awesome is that? All I had to do was show up and run.
Race day was brutally hot. I didn't get in enough water before the run and I didn't get in my normal dose of caffeine either. It was a struggle, but I made it. I ran the entire 3.1 miles and it had been 2 weeks since my last run. Yikes!
Amy (Aunt In-Law) and April (Sister In-Law) also ran the 5K. Unlike myself, they've been training. They both did fantastic and I'm super proud of them.

Here's a photo of us right before the run...
My sister in-law, April, came over on Sunday evening. We made caramel apples and had a great time catching up. We were long overdue for some girl family bonding time.

I made us a delicious turkey and spinach crustless quiche to enjoy for dinner along with fresh broccoli, cauliflower, and olives. I also introduced April to a Green Monster Smoothie. She thought it was tasty. Really, I promise she did!!! You should give them a try too!

Jenn's Crustless Quiche

5 Eggs
3/4-1 cup shredded cheese
spinach (fresh or 1 pkg frozen) 
deli turkey (or any leftover meat)
salt and pepper to taste
opt: tomato slices on top

Spray pie pan with cooking spray.
Bake at 350 for 30 min.

Let cool for 5 min. and ENJOY!


It's also great with:
bacon and swiss
sausage and cheddar
ham and swiss
ham and cheddar
chicken, black beans, and cheddar
pot roast and cheddar
beef and mozzarella
get creative!

On a very happy note, I started teaching a new clarinet student today. She is an absolute sweetheart! Not only is she in band, but she's giving cross country a whirl this year. I think we'll get along perfectly. I'm encouraging her to run some 5Ks with me. I told her that she'd beat me for sure, but I'd really love for her to chase me. Maybe that would speed me up a bit. Ha!
= )

Tomorrow is going to be a crazy long day. I teach all day and then have to be at the school until 7:30 (probably 7:45pm) tomorrow night. That equals a 12 hour day. We're there so late because of conferences. I can't complain too much because working extra on Tuesday and Thursday night gives me Friday off work. Woohoo! How am I celebrating? Well, David is flying to town on Thursday night. Do you think I'm excited? YES!!!

Off to bed I go. Have a blessed Tuesday! XOXO!

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