Friday, January 16, 2009

Vermont in a Nutshell

I recently went to visit my bestie in Vermont.  We have been friends since 6th grade!  I'm so thankful and blessed for being able to go spend time with her and her family.  

It's pretty interesting that both of us are from Oklahoma, but our husbands have taken us different places for different reasons.  Hopefully we'll be able to live close to each other again one of these days.   

Here are a few things from my trip:

1.  Monday: I caught my flight out of STL, had a layover in Cleveland, finally got to New Hampshire around lunch time, we stopped at a Chili's for lunch, drove (through what I consider to be a blizzard) to my besties home in Vermont, ate some awesome homemade cheesy ham and potato soup for dinner.

2.  Tuesday:  We went to Montpelier and shopped, bought my sweet glittens (fingerless gloves/mittens), Jordon got me a sweet handmade mug for my Christmas gift, had a late lunch (clam chowder for me!) at the New England Culinary Institute, were told by a couple of people throughout the day that we didn't look like we were from around there because we had cute hair, clothes, and wore make-up..... ha!  

3.  Wednesday:  I saw Lake Champlain, spent the day at a mall with my bestie and her adorable and extremely well-behaved son, ate lunch at Applebee's and had some chocolate therapy from Ben & Jerry's.

4.  Thursday:  Lazy Day!  We hung out at the house all day and relaxed while watching it snow out the window.

5.  Friday:  drove up to Norwich University to have lunch with my bestie's husband, saw some covered bridges, went to another little mall and a walmart, had some delicious homemade chicken marsala for dinner.

6.  Saturday:  I woke up and was soooo sick all day, had to have a doc call in a script, my bestie's sweet husband picked up my script and lots of gatorade for me.... they are lifesavers!

7.  Sunday:  Still sick, but slightly functional, spent the day trying to recover.

8.  Monday:  Drove from Vermont to New Hampshire to catch my flight, flew back to STL, VERY happy to see my hubby after being apart for a week, and my dog was so happy to see me that he must have licked (kissed) my face for an hour, went to bed.

We had planned on having a Girl's Day on Saturday, but my sudden illness kept us from doing anything.  Some of the events on our list were Ben & Jerry's, Cabot Cheese, a maple syrup company, an apple cider mill, and some other places I can't currently recall.  Sight seeing was not a priority on my list, but those things would have been fun.  The point of my trip was to spend time, catch up, and live life with my bestie and we did just that.  My trip was absolutely wonderful, but I just wish I hadn't gotten sick.
Thanks so much for everything, Jordon and family!!!  XOXO!

Jordon & Me, 1996?

July 2007 (Jordon's baby shower)

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