Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Week @ A Glance...... and then some

Here's what has been going on in my world since I last posted.........

Monday:  Toured my new school, UMSL!  Had biology and sociology class, took exam in Sociology

Tuesday:  Girls Night Out at Bailey's Chocolate Bar - it was Awesome!

Wednesday:  Biology class and lab 

Thursday: Did several loads of laundry and had Ethics class.  Late night Walmart run after David took his Ambian ---- this made for a very interesting experience.

Friday: Ran some errands, had dinner at a friends house, went to a crazy Halloween Party down by the river at Big Daddy's
- We don't really celebrate Halloween, but decided to dress up this year.  David was a cowboy and I was a cowgirl.  

Saturday: Algebra class, took algebra exam, studied biology, and wrote a paper

Sunday:  Studied biology, had Ethics study group

Monday:  Wrote 4 papers, studied biology, took biology class and made a 94/A!!!!!

Tuesday: Went to lunch with a friend to celebrate her birthday (a day late), VOTED, and watched election stuff on TV, OBAMA became the President-elect

TODAY:  Biology class and Lab, my instructor congratulated me on my A (I've come a long way!), took Ethan on a long walk and ran through the beautifully colored leaves, made a birthday gift for a friend

Tomorrow:  Study for Ethics exam, take Ethics exam

1 comment:

Chris and Linzi said...

Wow, you guys looked great in your costumes, right out of the wild wild west! Your week sounds a lot like mine,!

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