Tuesday, November 18, 2008


If you're someone who is easily offended, please don't read this.....

Last night I had biology class and sociology class as usual.  During my sociology class I was told by the professor (African-American man) that I have every opportunity in the world and special privileges because I'm white.  I told him that I didn't believe his statement was completely true.  I then explained how I had applied to several teaching positions here in St. Louis this year, but didn't get hired because I'm white.  Yes, I applied to schools that were composed of 99% African-American students.  I was optimistic and eager to teach at those schools, but believe I was not given the opportunity to because I'm white.  This is the reason I am even in his class.  I did not land a teaching job this year.  
Either my prayers of finding a teaching job were not answered or God just has a different plan for my life.  This is what ultimately confirmed my thoughts of going back to school.

All of this really got me thinking.....

I've really formed a completely different identity here in St. Louis.  David is the only one here who really knows me, what I've done, my accomplishments, my interests, and my passions.  This is not good or bad, it really doesn't matter if all my friends know everything about me.....that's not my point.  
I do know that I really haven't offered to share much of my past with my new STL friends.  I guess I'm just a go-with-the-flow kind of gal.  When I'm with my Med friends, I can listen to them talk for hours about things I don't have the slightest clue about.  I actually really enjoy it!  The Med Wives I am friends with talk about their children, their churches, and all about being a mom.  I'm alright with that too, and I enjoy it!  As much as I enjoy all of this, I am still different.  I don't know anything about biology (I'm trying though) or medicine, mommyhood or playdates.  I do not share the same socioeconomic status, geographic background, family situation, or religion with many of my friends.  

I'm going to share more of my identity in this blog 
and who I really am.  
I think this is actually more for me than for those who read it. 
 I guess I just don't want to forget the person I am or was.  

A Few Facts About Me:

1.   I have now had 1 1/2 years off from teaching.  Teaching is a tough job, but I loved it!  There are days that I'm 100% happy with doing what I'm doing now, and there are days where I want to quit everything, grab a baton or pick up my clarinet, and go MAKE MUSIC!  

In case you didn't know.....   

Yes, I was a teacher!
I taught MUSIC!  
And I was GOOD at it!!!   

I made this Sponge Bob to go along with the Sponge Bob theme song we played at a concert.  
The concert theme was "At the Movies"
We even gave away door prizes!  This encouraged people to come to our concerts.

The students loved Sponge Bob, so he was given a permanent home in our band room.


3.  I want Beethoven's Symphony No. 7, Mvmt. II  played at my funeral.  

4.  The only books I really enjoy reading are about music history, composers, printing and publishing, etc.

I can't deny it or run from it any longer......  
I am PASSIONATE and head-over-heels in LOVE with MUSIC!  
What are you passionate about?


Behrmans said...

It’s fun to see you in your element. Seeing this blog is almost like putting a signature to part of your past.

Dave and Kathryn Dodds said...

I loved reading your post tonight! It's so good to get to know people better! I taught school too (as I'm sure I've mentioned) and there are so many times when I feel like I've lived so many separate lives. I feel like I just LOVED working with my third graders and I was a fun teacher and now, life is so different. No one knows that version of Kathryn.
I also understand about the prayers being answered and God's plan for us. It's so interesting when we have a plan and it doesn't work out exactly how we want, and then find ourselves in a completely different situation. I have felt that way SO many different times in my life and also the strength from God to complete whatever the new task at hand is.

You are awesome. I love reading and hearing about this. I knew that you were talented at what you did, but I can only imagine your charisma as a band teacher. I'm sure that there are so many kids who were absolutely inspired by you. You made it awesome for them! Music has always had a special place in my life too. I played the piano since I was 5 in competitions and at weddings, etc. and now, I don't just get to go and practice for hours or perform and I MISS it, (although I wouldn't trade anything for the important job I have now.)

Anyway, your entry just got me thinking and now I'm a blog hog. Sorry to go on so long!
Just know that you are loved girl!


Chris and Linzi said...

After reading this post I am even more excited to read your blog so I can get to know the real you!!! I love hearing about peoples pasts and accomplishments, of which it sounds like you have many. I love the picture of you leading the band. It is sometimes funny to see where we fit in without kids huh. I think about that all the time, I sometimes feel like I am not sure who I am suppost to be.

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