Sunday, November 3, 2013

Bump Ahead!

Well, I was supposed to begin a 90-day transformation on August 15 with a personal trainer I hired and was paying big $$$$ for.  God sure has a sense of humor!!!  On August 14, I mowed our yard and our neighbors yard and then hopped on my elliptical to get in a cardio workout.  My workout quickly ended as the smell of grass and gasoline made me nauseous and sent me dry heaving in the backyard.  
The next morning I had professional development with my school district and just wanted to make sure I wasn't..... well, you know.  I took 2 tests in a public bathroom and they were both positive.  I couldn't believe my eyes!  We weren't planning to start trying until after my transformation, but God obviously has a different plan for us.  Oh, he wants me to transform alright, just not the way I thought I would.  So, everything with my trainer is on hold until after this baby is born.  

I'll be 16 weeks on Tuesday and everything is going great this time.  I've been horribly sick (Praise the Lord!), it has a healthy heartbeat, and is growing like crazy.  I pray like crazy for this child.  God is in control!  

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Kelsey Gray said...

Neat testimony! Congrats.

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