Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Homemade Christmas

Merry Christmas from our home to yours!

We enjoyed a nice lil' Christmas Eve dinner of spiral ham, roasted carrots, gourmet cheeses & crackers from Whole Foods, olives, and red wine.  It was perfect!

Here are a few things I've made this Christmas....

This was painted at a Wine & Palette I attended at the beginning of December.  I just love these events!  This painting is called "The First Day of Christmas."

These trees were made at an RPSA event.  They were inspired by Pinterest!  

This year I added wreaths to our dining room windows.  I love the cozy country/homemade feel they bring. They're cheap wreaths from HL and I cut strips of burlap and tied the bows myself.  I just used a safety pin to attach them because I didn't want anything permanent.  These could be changed year after year if I desired to change them. 

I made this banner for our mantle.  It's pretty adorable!  
I used burlap and a canvas.  I cut each triangle free-handed and then used my stencils and painted on the letters.  My attempt to sew the triangles to the twine didn't go so well, so I pulled out my trusty glue gun and glued away.  It worked out wonderfully!  

I'm not sure where my idea for this came from, but I wanted a fun wreath I could keep up year round.  I also made an "OSU" wreath for my work dirty santa.  It was fought for!!!  Love it! 

My dear friend, Christi, liked my banner so I made her one too.  Hers is "OU" inspired.  

She'll have an "OU" wreath to go along with this very soon.  

My friend, Christi, made this for me while I was making her banner.  We obviously had a very fun craft day.  She things this tree is sad, but I think it's adorable!  

I didn't make these, but I wanted to share my lovely collection of Starbucks ornaments in case you're wondering how much I love coffee.  Hehee....  I have added 2 ornaments from this years collection since this photo was taken.  

This J-O-Y hangs in the dining room.  I used cheap wooden letters from Hobby Lobby and spray painted them gold.  They are connected by a pretty paisley fabric that I stapled to the back of the letters. 

We needed a stocking upgrade.  The stockings we used for several years were a navy felt and I hated them.  Our beautiful mantle called for some pretty homemade stockings.  

Dave's stocking, my stocking, and Ethan's stocking.  I want Ethan to have a matching stocking, but I want it in a different color so I'll have to wait until HL opens again.  I also plan to paint on a stenciled monogram initial of the first letter of each of our names. 

This photo shows the banner, stockings, trees both on the mantle and next to the fireplace, and the gold "M" were all homemade. I've had so much fun putting some personality and hand crafting decor myself.  

I made many gifts this year.  It was a blast!  In this photo, I was adding a fun ribbon to a very plain kitchen towel.  How cute is this donut ribbon?!?!!!!  

 I recently attended a wedding with a super fun photo booth.  I was absolutely miserable with  sinus infection, but managed to still have a smile on my face. 

The bride asked me to make the wedding cake, decorated sugar cookies, and cake balls for the wedding.  I had to decline on the cake since I'm already so busy with things, but I made the cookies and cake balls for her.  They were delicious!   

Well, that's all for now.  We're about to head over to my in-laws to continue our Christmas celebrations.  


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