Friday, May 27, 2011

THE Graduation (Final STL Trip - Day 2, Part 2)

David had to be at the Chaifetz Arena by 2 so I rode with his family.  We found seats and I immediately called my fellow med wife, Tammy, to find out where she was sitting.  We were eager to see each other on this wonderful occasion so we met up half way around the stadium and hugged like sisters.  There were tears of joy and sadness.  
Goodbyes are never easy for me.
 Me and my fellow med wife, Tammy.

 David walking to his seat.  

Me with Lloyd and Dr. P-L following the graduation.

 Me with Tammy again.  We couldn't get enough hugs from each other that day.  It's tough not knowing when we'll actually see each other again.  

 Tammy and her DOCTOR.

 Me and my DOCTOR!


 Me, Dr. M, Dr. B, and Tammy

 The doctor at his post-graduation celebration dinner. 

A delicious New York Strip steak from Maggiano's.  Mmmmm......

Congrats, David!!!

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