Sunday, May 1, 2011


The 11th Annual OKC Memorial Marathon was set to begin at 6:30am. There was a 20% chance of rain and would you believe that it started raining as soon as I got out of the car at 5:35am?!?!?  It was cool, windy, and now rainy.  
All runners were told to seek shelter immediately.  We all crammed in wherever we could.  They even backed up the start time to 7am.  
The storm kept me from getting to the Survivor Tree at 5:45 so I could meet my friends.  I eventually braved the elements and ran to meet them there.  The pavement already slick!  A bunch of us girls huddled together and chatted until it was time to go to the starting line.  We were all so cold! I cannot say enough good things about this wonderful group of gals.  When one of us would start toying with the idea of ditching the race to go have a hot breakfast with coffee, somebody else would step in and be the strong one.  That is a true friend!

Here are some photos of today's adventure...
Me and the girls at the Survivor Tree before the run (minus a couple).

Me with Jenny and Cathy waiting for it to start!

 This is where my husband will be working.  = )

Gorilla Hill!  

Just FINISHED my 2nd half-marathon!!!  

Cold and wet!  Fig Newtons are best when enjoyed post-run.  Try it sometime!

My time.  I shaved almost an hour off last year's time.  It would have been even better without all the stops for water, potty, photo opportunities, phone calls, and the bit of walking I did at the end.  I'm hoping to improve complete the half between 2-2:15 next time.  


 Yes, I thought I'd be festive.  
I made care packages for my runner friends.  
I have the best running friends ever!

 David drove me down to the event and stayed for the entire thing.  He was soaking wet and freezing.  What a trooper!  He truly is the BEST husband ever!!!

 This is me showing off my medal before I enjoy a delicious brunch.

 Dave's meal at Classen Grill.  Soooo good!

 My post-run meal at Classen Grill.  YUM!

My route!

Completing 13.1 in the chilly wind, frigid rain, lightening, & hail makes me feel stronger (& possibly stupider). Never had so much fun while being completely miserable at the same time! 
Definitely a race to remember!
 I'm already looking forward to the 12th Annual OKC Memorial Marathon. Bring it!


Ripley said...

I'm so proud of you!!!!

Yia Yia said...

That's amazing, Jen! I am pround of you too. I am just getting started in running since I had to give up swimming. I ran a two mile on April 30th and a 5K last Saturday. I'm slow, but steady. I'd like to do a 10K and maybe someday, a half marathon. I need a lot more training though.

The Gray Roach said...

Way to go. It truly is amazing! We are proud. I want to make it to OKC to visit you sometime. Maybe we can make cookies together.

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