Tuesday, June 1, 2010


It's JUNE! I feel that June is off to a great start! This is going to be a VERY EXCITING month for me and my family. Here's a bit of info regarding what's going on with us:

1: Pack; 2 great phone calls; Pool time
2: Pack; Clean apt; Run errands; Celebrate NATIONAL RUNNING DAY!; Received phone call regarding a teaching job offer for elementary music!
3: Load car and spend quality time with the hubby; poolside picnic lunch with my dear friend, Rachel
4: Pick up my Dad from the STL airport and drive to OKC (yes, my Dad is crazy awesome like that!)
5: My nephew, Jonah, is having his 1st birthday party celebration!
6: Church with my folks?; Talk with people about possible volunteer opportunities
7: DAVID & JENNIFER'S 7th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!!!!; I may shed a few tears since I won't actually be spending this anniversary with David. We decided that I'd be spending most of the day by myself anyways because he'd be working long hours at the hospital. I may as well be in OKC all geared up to find a job. *le sigh*; Sign my 2010-2011 TEACHING CONTRACT!
8: Hanging out with my Dad a bit that day; dropping off resumes at schools
9: MY 30th BIRTHDAY!!!; Go for a nice, long RUN!; I hope to have my 1st ROCK CLIMBING experience!; Possibly enjoy some tea and scones (Mmmm...); eat at Earl's Rib Palace
10-11: Dropping off resumes at schools; Maybe an old lady birthday party somewhere in there???
12-16: Hopefully interviewing at schools; helping my Mom getting things ready for the wedding
17: Manicure/Pedicure; Taking care of last minute things;
18: David takes the Internal Medicine Shelf; David catches his flight to OKC just in time for...; the REHEARSAL DINNER!
19: Hair appointment; I get to see family I haven't seen in a VERY long time (uh, a decade?!?!);

My BROTHER is getting MARRIED!!!!!

20: Recovery day..... from all the Wedding excitement!; Spend time with family before they have to return to their homes
21-25: David will be studying for Step 2 of the USMLE; Maybe meet with my awesome friend, Holly, for a photo shoot or at least some BIG TRUCK TACOS!
26: My nephew, Noah, will be having his 3rd birthday party celebration!
27-30: David will be studying for Step 2 of the USMLE (poor guy never seems to get a break!)

Other possibilities:
Lots of running, lots of biking, lots of time at the dog park, lots of sunbathing and swimming, working a SUMMER JOB, getting a teaching job offer, meeting up with friends, volunteering, and who knows what else?!?!!

That's just the main stuff that's going on in June. More events, errands, tasks, and chores will be added daily. WOW!!! It's crazy exciting!!! I can hardly stand it!

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Behrmans said...

Rock climbing sounds like a lot of fun!

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