Sunday, June 27, 2010

Howdy from Oklahoma!

Hey, everybody! I sure wasn't planning on taking any time off from blogging, but I've been crazy busy ever since I arrived in Oklahoma. My previous blog post was on June 3. That seems like ages ago! So much has happened since that time...
  • I drove from STL to OKC
  • I celebrated my 7th Wedding Anniversary
  • I turned 30!
  • My Parents gave me some b-day money and I picked out another set of PEARL (my birthstone) earrings and a matching bracelet.
  • I cleaned my parents house like a crazy obsessive person
  • I've been hanging out with a couple of the most precious pups ever
  • My pup had allergy testing and is allergic to a LOT of stuff
  • My Mom treated me to an amazing Mani/Pedi
  • I had my SEMI-ANNUAL haircut (complete with an up-do this time!) with my awesome hairstylist, Tina
  • I FINALLY got to see my hubby after not seeing him for 2 weeks
  • My bro got married
  • I caught up with some family members I haven't seen in almost a decade
  • I have eaten a TON of food and felt like I gained 10 pounds, but only gained 1
  • I've been shopping (mostly for the hubster's new 4th year dress clothes) and found gifts for several people/occasions
  • I've been participating with the UCO Community Summer Band and we have a concert on July 1
  • I think I may have found my new home in OKC for the next year
  • I completed all my paperwork for my new job that'll start in August
  • I've been cooking some great grub for the fam
  • I enjoyed watching my hubby ride around in a fancy new CORVETTE!
  • And so so so much more!!!
Photos coming soon!

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Emily Stringer said...

I'm spoiled to facebook! I need a like button for your post. We should get toether sometime Jen. I would love to see you.

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