Sunday, October 25, 2009

1 More Down.....

David completed his Pediatrics clerkship on Thursday. He took the shelf exam on Friday and was home by noon. It was great!

I didn't sub on Friday due to a nagging cough and scratchy throat. Sadly, it hasn't gotten any better over the weekend. We've been trying to make the best out of my sickness by hanging out and running errands around town.

I went back home to OKC for a couple of days during Fall Break. It was very last minute, but it all worked out just fine. David was scheduled to be On-Call which means that I would have been by myself at home just about the entire time. That's not how I wanted to spend my Fall Break, so I searched for a decently priced plane ticket online. Thank goodness I found one!

My Dad picked me up from the airport and we went to visit my Mom at her work. She and her coworkers were happy to see me. After visiting them we headed back to my parents house where my bro and his fiance picked me up. We went to look at a place they were considering for their reception dinner. My bro gave his approval and they booked it. Hopefully this place won't go out of business like the place they had already booked. Luckily they're able to keep the wedding on the same date. I'm very happy about that.

My bro and his fiance dropped me back off at my parents home after our little adventure. I hung out there and played with my white furry brother (Jasper, their dog) until my Mom got home. We were all hungry so we went to Walmart to get salad supplies and to Papa Murphy's for some pizza. After we returned to the house I went for a run. It was so nice! I never noticed all the hills in their neighborhood before, but I sure noticed them when running. ha! Soon after my run, my bro and his fiance arrived and we all ate dinner together. They left shortly after dinner and my parents and I went to the Edmond SFHS Football Game. I just HAD to see my old HS band march at half-time. That's the only reason we even went. We showed up with about 7 minutes left in the 2nd quarter and the nice ladies working the gate let me in for free to see the band. I'm so thankful they let me do that. The band was as awesome as it's always been. I was hoping that seeing them march would give me my marching fix, but it only left me wanting more. Sadly I have to wait until next year.

My Mom took me shopping while I was in town. We went everywhere! I made a couple of purchases and she purchased a few staple items for me too. The things I'm most excited about are my new running shoes, dress shoes, dress pants, work shirt, and running shirts. We found some amazing sales while we were out too. It was a fabulous day! All of that shopping and running around town helped me lose a couple more pounds. I told my Mom that I should shop like that more often if I could keep dropping pounds like that. Too bad I couldn't afford that habit.

I went out for dinner with my parents that night. The restaurant was amazing! I have known the owner for a few years. She's incredibly talented. I wish I could have put her in my pocket and taken her home with me...... that's how great she is!

That's just a little summary of what's been going on with us. There are some other things that will be coming up soon, but I'll keep you posted on that at a later date.

David starts NEUROLOGY tomorrow.
Wish him LUCK!!!

Hope all is well!

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The Gray Roach said...

Sounds like a really fun trip home! There is nothing like getting new clothes after weight loss. My mom and I rarely end up buying anything but snacks at the mall anymore. If we take Charis, we just walk and snack.

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