Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What's up.....

Here is what's up with us right now........

- Today was David's last day of his surgery rotation. Thank, God!
- Tomorrow David studies for his Surgery Shelf Exam.
- David takes the Shelf Exam on Friday.
- I get David all to myself for the entire weekend. We're gonna check out some events going on here in St. Louis and spend some time relaxing together. I'm super excited!
- David starts Pediatrics on Monday. Oh, geez! Please pray for him! ; )

I'm hoping to receive calls about sub jobs any day now. I've also been cruising the internet trying to find a job. There are a couple of possibilities. I'll send my resume out soon.

Ethan has been doing great. The boy eats like a champ! I recently introduced sweet potatoes to him and he's in love. They're now his favorite treats!

David and I finally had a date night tonight. It's been a really long time since we've had a date. Part of it was because I was out of town for so long. Plus, we can't seem to stretch these Med School loans far enough to pay for anything beyond our required living expenses.
Anyways, back to a more positive note..... We ordered Chinese take-out and watched several episodes of Big Bang Theory. If you haven't seen that show, please treat yourself. It's hilarious!!! Our dinner was amazing. I had some delicious egg drop soup, while David had steamed dumplings and chicken lo mein. Yum!!! We kept it reasonably cheap. It was less than 12 bucks and he even has leftovers. Oh, yeah!

Well, that's what we've been up to lately.

What have you been up to lately????

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Behrmans said...

I love date nights but us too have a hard time making it happen. My goal this month is to stay in budget and so far it's working. I set aside $20 to go out. I would really like to take Eric to that restraunt. They had a dinner that we could split for $12 or $14.

You will see David a lot more (I think) when he's in Peds. I have to laugh... how is he going to do with all the kids? You know my kids LOVE him so I'm sure they will take to him.

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