Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Back to School......Again!

It's February 4th and I'm completely back in the swing of things.  I'm taking 16 hours this semester and I'm super swamped already.  My favorite classes are chemistry, nutrition, and algebra.  My least favorite are abnormal psychology (video) and interpersonal communications (internet).  
I did great with the scheduling and only have to drive to UMSL on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Tuesday I go from 8am-4pm, so I'm exhausted by the time I get home.  Thursday I only have chemistry in the morning, so I've been spending the afternoon working on homework/studies and doing laundry.  It seems to be working for me.
I've met some really neat people in my classes.  A few of them graduated high school when I graduated with my masters, but it doesn't feel like there's that much of an age gap.  They're fun and very hardworking.  I have also met a couple of RN's in my chemistry class.  They're taking the course as a refresher before they apply to CRNA school.  I'm just really amazed at how friendly everyone has been at UMSL.  They're some of the sweetest people I've met in the last 1 1/2 years.  This is going to be a great semester.

David has been back to the grind for a month now.  He just finished Renal and is now studying GI.  I have been studying GI in my nutrition class, so I'm sure we're going to have some real interesting conversations here before too long.  Want to join us?  = )
David has to perform a full physical examination on a patient next week.  I'll probably be his practice subject this week. We're really romantic, aren't we???

There is one bad thing about me attending school at UMSL this semester.  David and I don't have spring break at the same time.  His break is the week before mine.  We're still not too sure how we're going to handle it or what we're going to do.  We do have a close friend that's getting married on the 21st.  I'm really looking forward to seeing her walk down the aisle.  She's going to be a beautiful bride.

Ethan is doing good.  I'm pretty sure we finally got rid of his ear infection.  He's been battling that for awhile now.  Poor guy! 
I think he misses his uncle Jasper.  And sometimes I think that he'd like a sibling, but that's not an option right now.  We're able to provide very well for Ethan, but 2 dogs would be just too much for us to handle.  I'm reminded of this when I take Ethan in for his annual shots and when he gets sick.  I love my little Ethan to pieces.  We play fetch and tug with him a lot.  I think he stays pretty well entertained.

I haven't put a real update on my blog lately, so I figured it was time.  Now it's time to hit the books again.  I have a pile of notecards just waiting to be put to use.  

Take care!

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