Friday, May 8, 2009


So far, today has been one of those amazingly memorable days that just happens. It's not a holiday, but it's a compilation of events that make it so meaningful.  

DAVID finished the first half 
of MED SCHOOL today.  
This means he's OFFICIALLY an 
MSIII student! 

Congrats, David! 

I subbed Elementary Music today and 
I absolutely LOVED every moment!
I have been limiting myself to middle school band, but I've REALIZED that I would be so HAPPY teaching elementary music.  We had so much fun learning and loving music.  We listened to a recording of Sousa's Washington Post March. To make things a little more interesting for them, we listened to it a second time through.  I had them conduct (yes, elementary kids CAN conduct a march) and march in place.  It was so awesome! They thought it was the greatest thing ever.  They also sang several songs that taught them about tempo, dynamics, and even articulation.  After we completed the singing portion of the music lesson we played INSTRUMENT BASEBALL!  I used to play this with my band kids periodically, so it brought back some memories.  The kids did really well with this game.  I was impressed!

After teaching I went home and enjoyed a long family walk. Ethan was a mess by the time we got home because it's still really damp and gross out from all the rain.  He had a shower, so he's all clean now.

Tonight is the second to last performance of "Damn Yankees."  I'm actually sad it's about over. I have met some great musicians and really enjoyed playing with them.  Playing in MUSICALS is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE things to do.  Seriously!!! Maybe we should live in New York so I can get a gig on Broadway.  Wouldn't that be a wild adventure?!

It feels good to have SUMMER in sight. These next few weeks are going to be crazy!  

Here's a bit of what's going on.......
1. David takes Step 1 of the USMLE on June 4th.
2. I finish my last final on Saturday, May 16 at 3pm. And I AM DONE with school!
3. I fly to OKC on the 21st for a Bachelorette Party on the 23rd.  
4. We're going back to OKC in June for the Wedding/friend/family/vacation time.
5. Our 6 year WEDDING ANNIVERSARY is on June 7th!  
6. My Birthday is on June 9th!
7. David is going on a 5-night, 250-mile bike ride on the Katy Trail.
8. David's Birthday is on July 3rd!
9. MSIII begins on July 6th!!!
10. TBD!  = )


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